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Golf Clubs in Bag & trolley 105mm

Golf Clubs in Bag & Trolley. 105mm. A silver golf bag full of clubs on a trolley sat on the green. Round Mahogany Base with green felt top simulating the perfectly cut green. An ideal ornament
£12.00 £15.00 excluding shipping

Hole in One ball Holder Award 135mm

Hole in One ball Holder Award 135mm. A bronze coloured number one with a cutout for holding the "Hole in One" ball on the tee with a bronze coloured base. Free engraving on the supplied plate.
£10.39 £12.99 excluding shipping

Putter Head and Ball Award 115mm

Putter Head and Ball Award 115mm. A bronze coloured putter head behind a gold-coloured golf ball on a bronze base.
£14.00 £17.50 excluding shipping

Golfer chipping caricature 215mm

Golfer chipping caricature 215mm. Golfer chipping caricature. A brightly coloured caricature golfer chipping his way up the course.
£16.00 £20.00 excluding shipping

Golfers carriage clock 165mm

Golfers carriage clock 165mm. A silver-coloured carriage clock with a golfing scene to the bottom. This would suit any mantlepiece and would make an ideal award or gift.
£22.00 £27.50 excluding shipping

Golfer Caricature Celebration 260mm

Golfer Caricature Celebration 260mm. A celebrating golfer holding the cup after his win in a caricature style. Nicely mounted on a mahogany base.
£39.99 £49.99 excluding shipping
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